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Import directly your photos from your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr albums and create with ease your photo book, calendar or diary.
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Personalized books

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Fotomag Photobook

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Create your own personalized photo book, a beautiful and unique gift.

Photo book printing is the best way to save your pictures and gather your family photos. Whether it is a holiday photobook or a baby photo album, we offer you a range of fully customizable and personalized hard cover photo books . You can add text on the book's spine. Start your new collection of family photo albums or use your new book as decoration in your library. We offer you beautiful and quality photo books.

With you can easily create your new collection of photo albums, we offer you many programmed layouts or you can create your own layout and tell a story with all of your photos. offers you layouts from baby photo albums to wedding photo albums with different thematic backgrounds.

We also offer you the best quality in photo printing at the lowest prices. Print large format and create wall art with your photos on a poster. With it is also possible to print your favorite pictures on mouse pads, puzzles, and even coffee mugs.